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  1. :D
    I like no.3
    its so you.
    You are so it. you? so it? arghhh..watever! just so adventurous!!!!!

  2. tareh says:

    hey khim, its a photo a day to keep the "what are you up to?" question away. btw, no.10 is "Car Ran Out of Fuel!", yes - that was yesterday

  3. Leia says:

    awww. ewok and bambang were so little dulu. uuuu.

  4. "Hello Tiny Tiny People" *gasp*

  5. Leia says:

    pegi paragliding tak ajak weeeiiiii.

  6. tareh says:

    khim: kids spitting kicking punching vomiting *gasp*
    oja: oi kamu
    leia: you're not free mahhh

  7. Leia says:

    spongeboooooooooooooob! naaaak!

  8. tareh says:

    leia: yea i know. rocks!

  9. i like no.30
    i double like no.29

  10. tareh says:

    khim: you vain vain cikgu. hahaha. yea lor - stop staring and EAT YOUR BURGERS!!

  11. Leia says:

    wah. i own half the spongebob stuff here. hahahahaha. and i have more!!

  12. Really great and brilliante work! you are Master! Congratulations!!!
    Happy Valentine`s Day and Happy Chinese New Year!

  13. no.41 you sure can fly?
    no. 45 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! what's with u with poops and balls?

  14. tareh says:

    yea, 41 is a kite. damn cikgu so smart..

    cant help it, im a testosterony red hot blooded man - always comparing poops & size of balls. grrrr!

  15. Leia says:

    pic 47. tu bukan gaurs la. they are ankoli cattle. hahahaha. am such a nerd. tgk testicles pun boleh tell the difference.

  16. tareh says:

    heh. if awk tgk mine mesti ingat its the rare hariharimau. hahaha

  17. Leia says:

    waaaahahaahahaha. so tak senonoh. *hugs*

  18. Baby Ruth! That's the candy bar Chunk threw at Sloth, innit? Wow, I've always wondered what they taste like (it looked so yummy when he fed it to pudgy Chunk). Your cat's called Ewok? Aawww, that's just wicket.

  19. no.69 awwwwww~
    no.70 what?!?!?!??!
    no.73 \m/
    no.77 *meep*
    no.82-104 where?!?!?WHERE?!??!?!
    no.105 kesian la
    no.106s X 3 haiyooo...need to work on ur numeracy skills...
    no.108 Thomas!
    no.118 sexiii
    no.119 OEI!

    no.69-121 *clap hands* Good Job!

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