organising a gig is a penat badan affair. we started at 9am, ambik backline from Kelana Jaya then transported everything via 3 cars to Findars Wangsa Maju. carried the whole fuckheavy bapakgajah stuff up 3 storeys. set everything up, make sure everything in working order settle siap at 2pm. blerrghhh

setup siap awal so bands boleh soundcheck then can go mabok at 4pm. bwahahaha. anyways we had a projector up with some fancy konon "we are dark and arty" video projected on the bands, but sadly after the first band the projector kaputed.

Nao, an instrumental, politically-conscious post-punk-math-rock trio started the show. Who says instrumentals and politics don't go together?

Man Under Zero Effort "Hey-what-time-signature-are-you-guys-playing-in????" instrumental jazz-prog-rock stylings
Twitter #muzemuzik

The Infernal Conundrum (This is the sound of madness!!!!)

ZDICM an improvisatory kosmische-drone-noise quartet. we are indeed shameless enough to play at a show that we ourselves are organising. bwahahaha

Pakatan Haram Jadah, pitch-black mystical grimness from up north. maximum volume yields maximum results. please view the video below.


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