this picture does no justice to the awesomeness of the view. semua abang abang macho whipped out their cameras, blackberries, nokia posing macam macam pose macam klcc tourist. me included off course.

I didnt take too much photos but i did have a chest cam and the you can view the video if you scroll bawah sikit. took some off us 90 minutes to go down the 8km downhill trail. took me 2 hours wei whats with the tergolek macam anjing, sujud sahwi, flew over the handle bar moments then siap pancit lagi. but nasib i got spare tubes. since the law says its forbidden to chop down the mt. jerai trees, the route is a natural trail with gorgeous akar garden besar peha besar muka with big fat rocky terrain all over the place. anyways it was great awesome fun and im actually contemplating of spending a week doing this. oh they have a muay thai camp at the foot off the mountain so boleh do enduro downhill & muay thai. it was gorgeous gorgeous fun! thanks loads to the kedah and northern riders for organising this trip. korang memang hensem


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