Rock 4 Rights 2 @ KDU section 16 PJ

the band got invited to play. it was a whole day event with loads of cliché rehashed over and over slap the dead horse bands - but there were a few good ones that were enjoise to watch. and its a pity that the KL gig crowds are now consisted of the "im to cool for your music" hipsters sitting crosslegged on the floor attendees. we're turning into snotty singaporeans is it?

the good looking guys of ZDICM


jerome kugan. awesomee

the mighty NAO

si-de, i was told that it was pronounced as seed-day. kakak bassist nyanyik macam janis joplin.

pitahati. good stuff. ramai armchair commentators semua cakap these guys are Pink Floyd Malaysia. but i dont think so lah, these guys have that nusantara malay pop and sabbath's the wizard / wicked world vibe fusion going on. i might say quite original lah. also, the bassist uses the vintage besar guni beras RE-201 tape echo in his arsenal of pedals. true analog swirly shit.

azmyl yunor went nuts on stage. good stuff! saya sangat enjois.

anyhow whats memorable about this gig was the complimentary nasi campur cedok sendiri for bands. and fuckinghell, the rendang daging was GODAWESOMEBALLSS. honestly, i always try to limit my carb intake but this time i had 3 kali tambah dei. oh the kari was good too. kalau ada roti cicah, sure kaki dah atas kerusi dagu atas lutut.

sempena cuti thaipusam saya kayuh a short 120km KL - Morib - Shah Alam

this photo will always remind me of that one time in Banting where i lugged a big huge heavy dslr with me then halfway through nak tangkap gambar then realised i left the memory card at home. brain, where art thou?

next time kita buat yang atas. this time kita buat yang bawah aje

you know what? Pantai Morib is actually really nice. its quite scenic and my friend who's staying nearby told me to check out a secluded beach called Pantai Kelanang. tapi tak larat la. kalau naik kereta boleh la explore explore. Anyhow just stay away from the mamak joint at the waterfront. aku kena RM12 for maggi goreng + ayam and 100plus. MAD i tell you MAD!! dah la tak sedap, rasa mcm tapak kaki.

and on the way back, aku singgah kat Jenjarom to check out this MAAAASSIVE Chinese temple. how big? besar midvalley rasanya. allegedly the most expensive temple in Malaysia. They have a buncha real authentic Sakura trees imported in from Japan with dedicated air conditioning to cool them down. tapi takboleh masuk when i was there because they had somekinda tent and event ongoing. boleh jengguk jengguk dari luar aje.


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