Day 7: 160km Satun - Trang

started early around 7am, and it gets hot pretty quickly. but the humidity wasn't so bad as there was a gentle breeze accompanied me during the morning half of the trip. looking in my travel scribblepad i noticed i jotted down something about a dragonback road and after 2 hours from Satun i reached it. its a stretch of road that goes for 30 - 40km that goes up then down then up again then down up then down updownupdownupdown. it killed my legs yaw.

also, thank goodness for the ipod that i was able to push on till the end. wasn't too sure why but it was so hard to go on. lack of carbs? the weather? but since isotonic drinks are not easily available in southern Thailand, it was really hard to hydrate my body salts the day before so i guess that's the reason i was sore all over. yea they do have gatorades but they're not exactly cheap. and since its super smooth super good, whenever istop for a roadside 7-11 break i'd consumed 4 bottles wei. godamnnnn

got into Trang pretty late. 6ish? thats almost a 12 hour ride and i have discovered my daily body limit where i can only do 140 - 150km a day. anything more im just dragging myself hanging on for dear life to go on. took me almost 2 hours to finish the last 10km.

my legs: jello. my energy level: fucken zero. my arms: stiff as Rosmah's hair.

got into town saw the first hotel asked how much was it, oh 250bath? thats good ok i take it. what? see the room? fuck that shit im taking it. ok ill bring my bike upstairs is that ok? ok cool. thank you. 

turns out it was a brothel. yes. a brothel with 500bath per pop sexy time. girls and aunties lepak lepak outside their rooms with many strange men prowsing and negotiating the sexy wares. turns out after a loud WEI! in my general direction, photographing the ladies or the guys is highly frowned upon. hahaha

after a quick nap,  out i went for dinner. but surprise surprise turns out i arrived in Trang coincidentally with somesort of statewide celebration of something. there were just so many people in the town square. if it werent for the fact that im dead zombiefied tired and the reason why im not in bed is because im crazy hungry id probably checkout whats with the stage and singing and band playing and banyaknya gerai all over the place. 

the initial idea was to get real food, warm food. loads of rice with spicy green curry and a plateful of fried chicken but i succumbed to blended yoghurt with mixed fruits as dinner. hahaha. by the way, english is almost nonexistent here. 

Day 8: Menyambut Perayaan Encik Tonyok di Trang

woken up by my growling hungry tummy, swung outta bed and decided that am gonna stay in town today. Krabi can wait. on the way down to the city square for noms, i stumbled into somekinda street procession. everyone was decked out head to toe in traditional garbs, never ending rows of flag waving kids and throngs of families were out in full force lining the street while there was a school band blaring out tunes nearby. all of this and im still quite unsure whats goin on. celebration apa nih?


so once ive reached the town square and went under the biggest canopy, then i realised what was the whole fuss was about. its somekinda perayaan babi. hahaha. i swear, its perayaan for babi. babi panggang babi bakar babi rebus babi macam macam ada. free fresh babi testers and you can actually vote for the best babi paling sedap and by the end of the day the one that gets the most likes will get somekinda medal.

hanging around these splendid specimens of babi bakar kinda worked up an appetite pulak. had these ahboms sweet savoury thingys on a stick for breakfast, and as usual i never stop at one. you can have the option of having eggs, green beans or crab as the innards with a dab of jem on top. moving on to the next gerai i had this huge slab of spicy pedaspedaspedas otak otak looking thingamajig where the difference with ours was its crunchy on the outside as its lined with anchovies on the outside and inbetween ada kelapa flakes and inside was heavenly isi ikan ketul ketul. and yea, green curry kung (prawn) as dip. gila ah. seafood madness.

while i was there, i met up with sara, a couchsurfer who was working there as an english school teacher and her friends jenny and pat. they were pretty awesome, showed me whats up and whats around in Trang the whole day and i guess their idea of bringing fruits for my ride to Krabi the next day was the reason i managed to stay hydrated really well. cause i made the mistake of drinking some super sugary fake fruity purple hue green fizzy drink thing on for breakfast next day that made me overly thirsty than usual. meh

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  1. MarcW says:

    Nice stuff there, thanks for sharing..especially the photos. Let you have taken me on a bike journey that i think will never happen to my life. Cheers bro. and wish you more journey and sharing.

  2. tareh says:

    MarcW: thanks for the kind words man. my next trip would be an ambitious over the top kl to istanbul. hahaha. lets see if i can survive that

  3. Hope says:

    Awesome!! I especially like the pic with the burnt nose! hahahaah

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