Sorry it took me almost forever to finally post an update and draw up my route. I undertook this 2240km journey in early October 2013 and had to postponed it halfway in Johor when I carelessly dropped my wallet ntah mana. Kena return back to Kuala Lumpur and renewed my identification card, atm cards and driving license. What a chump.

I started and ended at The Basikal, UPM where it took me 27 cycling days in 36 traveling days. My route breakdown as follows:
  • Day 01 UPM - PD: 97km
  • Day 02 Melaka: 80km
  • Day 03 Muar: 48km
  • Day 04 Pontian: 138km
  • Day 05 Skudai: 60km
  • Day 06 Singapore: 38km
  • Day 07 Changi Point Ferry Terminal: 60km
    Ferry to Tj Pengelih Port
    - Sg. Rengit: 66km
  • Day 08 Kota Tinggi: 86km
  • Day 09 Mersing: 97km
  • Day 10 Kuala Rompin: 70km
  • Day 11 Teluk Cempedak: 148km
  • Day 12 Cherating: 55km
  • Day 13 Dungun: 100km
  • Day 14 Merang: 123km
  • Day 15 Kota Bharu: 125km
  • Day 16 Jeli: 90km
  • Day 17 R&R Puncak Titiwangsa: 54km
  • Day 18 Gerik: 78km
  • Day 19 Sg. Patani: 104km
  • Day 20 Alor Setar: 65km
  • Day 21 Kuala Perlis: 53km
    Ferry to Langkawi - Georgetown
  • Day 22 Taiping: 103km
  • Day 23 Setiawan: 94km
  • Day 24 Teluk Intan: 66km
  • Day 25 Kuala Selangor: 112km
  • Day 26 Shah Alam: 50km
  • Day 27 UPM: 37km

The hardest route with some extreme steep climbs would definitely be the Jeli - Gerik road and the second hardest is the Kota Tinggi - Mersing. Generally the east coast has better and cheaper food, with light traffic, beautiful scenery and very nice friendly people compared to the west coast.

From November to March, the east coast is battered by the Northeastern wind blowing down South due to the Monsoon season. So if you plan your ride during these rainy months be ready to be drenched to the bone whilst heading straight into strong headwind. and oh hell yea that's what i did. Bwahahahah. But the alternative to that is riding during the dry season under 30-35 Celsius hot sun, as opposed to 20-28 Celsius during the monsoon.Take your pick.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am impressed!
    Siew Yung

  2. Dzul Gua Musang. says:

    Pertama kali Alhamdulillah syukur kepada ALLAH SWT YANG MAHA ESA. Taniah dan syabas kepada saudara. Kejayaan tidak akan datang bergolek kepada kita. Kepuasan adalah kejayaan yang amat manis walaupun pahit. Harap dapat teruskan impian. Semoga BERJAYA........

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