Day 2: 78km Port Dickson to Melaka
I was riding and swearing (to nobody in particular- i guess mostly to myself) incessantly for starting really late - 1pm. pedaling under the hot sun in brain melting temperature is not fun at all. but along the way to melaka there were loads of roadside stalls selling absolutely everything and whatever that the makcik can concoct in their wooden kitchen belakang kedai. and kueh! loadsa cheap kueh!

seringgit for six kueh, boleh mix and match. murahhhh

while i was snapping away this shot, there were these fellas in kopiahs and taliban styled derkaderka facial hair a few meters away yang tengah baca doa likedat where suddenly they tipped over a big black heavy looking plastic bag from the bridge into the waters below. they then calmly walked away to a car waiting nearby. hmmm..

oh hi hello melaka. its nice to see you again

reached melaka about 7ish and checked-in to the usual RM30 samasama backpackers guesthouse. but waitaminute melaka cash points why are you so far away at the other side of whatevers? rupanya some idiot gave me the wrong direction by misidentifying between left and right then i found myself at the other side of town dekat dengan some melaka hospital. this is the second time someone from melaka gave me bad directions, previously i wanted to cycle to muar via merlimau pastu dude directed me to AMJ highway pulak. mampus. hilly uppity uppity as fuck and added an extra 10km to my route.

rooftop sunset

kungfu fighting unker was demonstrating how he can karate chop a coconut into two with his bare hands, thanks to some magic thingamajig minyak. only rm20 per bottle.

unker lee is the last remaining tukang besi at jalan tukang besi.

jalan tukang besi aka blacksmith road is one of the streets in the heritage quarter of malacca and is likely to date all the way to the dutch era. dulu berderet kedai besi sini but now semua dah tutup except this one. unker lee pun said that his children is not interested to continue the family's 100 year old legacy, so when he finally closes his workshop then habis la.

in melaka everyone sure recommend the cendol at the riverside opposite the red church. actually its not very good at all, biasa aje - penang road cendol lagi power. in melaka itself, i love this version where a dollop of palm sugar is dumped into the bowl where it caramelized with the ice and the whole cendol becomes a crunchy caramel soggy mix of gula melaka and santan awesomeballs lemak berkrim ultinoms! its really good sangat wei. see, that's my 4th bowl. sangat nikmat.

Day 3: 48km Melaka to Muar 
Woke up at 8am by somekinda chinese prayer thing. i do not know what to make of it but there were loadsa paper burning, so i assume its paper money for their great great ancestors. i didnt get an opportunity to ask as everyone was pretty engrossed in the ceremony so i left, albeit tiptoeing quietly.

reminds me of Om's Advaitic Songs album.

DIY tugu negara right before kampung merlimau

pokok saudara lucifer morningstar


lepas aje sekolah sains muar on your left, take the following left junction to area banyak shophouses to get to this shop. fuh, i cant recommend the mee bandung muar enough. its so sedapsedap, thick brothy bagazillions blended prawns gravy and the portions are MASSIVE! ok your makcik your atok your dead nenek might make better mee bandung in-your-humble-but-i-dont-really-care-opinion but this is the best anyone can get beli kedai.

lookidat. LOOKITDAT.

met an interesting character in muar, chill nama dia. he showed me around town, the local attractions, where's cheap to stay and eat then waited for me to lepak breakfast from 12 midnight. hmm...

Day 4: 138km Muar to Pontian
at 6am the hotel room phone rang and on the other end was the dude who was manning the hotel registration counter, he was like "abang, kawan abang ni duduk sini sejak tengah malam. dia suruh saya call abang dia nak ajak sarapan". what?

anyways the lontong and satay breakfast was top notch, with kopi muar kaw plak tu. kedai ni melayu buat makan and a chinese couple buat air and roti bakar arang. the customers pun semua bangsa ada. kat kolompo and selangor jangan harap nak ada kedai camni, after sebulan sure lah ada orang cakap air unker tu ada lemak babi la kepala kote fitnah macam macam. haihhh melayu.

konon nak artsy but i dont know how to pull it off. bwahahaha #udjinnartsyshot

sungai balang onwards there's no shade barely any roadside trees freakin direct sun rays takde mercy lah.

shady huge trees are nice

shady huge trees while fixing a puncture due to tangled rimtape lagi la nicer.

its getting late tapi sempat lagi berhenti henti tangkap gambar.

trying to be fartsy arty but the basikal tumbang pulak.

the ride to pontian was uneventful- flat all the way, weather was alright, gerai and kedai tepi jalan banyak, kereta pun bersopan dan bertatasususila. this stupid signboard gave me a false sense of yay-i-have-arrived because it turns out i need to pedal another 25km in to get to the town area and i got in rather late almost 9pm jugak.

the town is split into 2 version, versi vintage and versi new township. spent a cool 30 minutes pusing the vintage version looking for a cheap place to stay until uncle barber on his cigarette break shouted at me from across the street at me (i think its because of my confused mug) 'haiya pegi sana mcdonalds belakang sana banyak hotel murah'. yea betul, rm35 ada aircond and water heater. ahhhh bontot yang letih dipenyekkan seharian memang syurga bila dimandikan dengan air panas. wooo


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